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Hello, and welcome to Scrapbook Diaries, I’m not sure why I have called it this since it is definitely not a scrapbook and it is not a diary either but there you go.

You can check out my fan fiction at Stephanie McMahon Fan Fiction but this page in the world of Bathbun Creations is devoted to other people’s work. I’ve been reading wrestling fan fiction as long as I’ve been writing it and I’ve definitely got some firm favourites in mind. So looking for a story to inspire you or just to pass away an afternoon, here’s the place to go to read some top-notch fan fiction and of course starring the dominant female of the WWE…Stephanie McMahon!





AUTHOR:  Jai Marie
RATING:  NC-17 for sexual situations
CONTENT:  Incest (brother/sister), swearing, sex
SPOILERS:  Raw 8/14/00
SUMMARY:  Shane thinks Steph is in over her head with Hunter (and Kurt), and he's the only one who can get her out.

 In Over her Head.

Personal Comment: This is definitely one of my favourite stories ever, and my No.1 in NC17 section, which is weird because it’s not with a paring I would normally like, in this case Shane and Stephanie. But the story is so sweet, with the encounter being shown through Shane’s eyes you really get a feel and in some dimension, understand his emotions and his love for his sister, Stephanie. This really is a remarkable piece of work and one I won’t forget for a long time.


AUTHOR: Jai Marie

RATING: NC-17 for sexual situations.

CONTENT:  Incest (brother/sister), swearing, sex.           


 SUMMARY: Sequel to “In Over her Head”.

An Unexpected Song.


Personal Comment: When I first read “In Over her Head” I was dying for a sequel as I’m sure most people were, this probably persuased her to write the sequel. However some stories should just stay single and I think “In Over her Head” is one of them. Not saying this is a bad sequel, but it definitely didn’t have the same qualities as the first. It focused on the situation rather than the characters, although I do like the way it ended with the song that surrounds the whole story. Still a good read, though.




AUTHOR:  Jai Marie
RATING:  NC-17 for sexual situations
CONTENT:  Graphic sexual situations (Chris/Steph) swearing,

SUMMARY:  Chris decides to teach Stephanie a lesson in respect.


Personal Comment:  This ecounter does not have much a story to it, it’s basically Chris and Steph having sex although Chris is portrayed like an evil dictator, teaching her ‘lessons’ throughout. It’s quite a dark tale, with a little bit of suggested violence. Overall though I think it’s a well described story and the sexual ‘connections’ between Chris and Stephanie really represent their different characters.


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