“Respect? I’ll show you respect,” Chris Jericho muttered, kicking furniture around in his dressing room. His ribs hurt from the beating he’d just endured at the hands of those pretty boys Edge and Christian, and his head hurt from Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley’s incessant whining. She’s right about one thing, Chris thought, watching the monitor as Stephanie strutted back out to the ring, dressed provocatively in a tight, short fringed skirt and a low-necked sleeveless top, after tonight things are definitely going to change.

As she continued to talk, an idea formed in Chris’s mind. She wants to know what respect is all about? He thought as he paced, I’ll give her a lesson in respect she’ll never forget.

He quickly made his way from his dressing room over to the tunnel, where Stephanie would be exiting when she got up the ramp. There were only a few people standing around, none of whom were paying attention as Chris hovered over the doorway. Soon Stephanie appeared, and in a flash Chris wrapped an arm around her waist, clamping a hand over her mouth. If anyone backstage noticed, they didn’t care.

Stephanie did, however, and she kicked and fought all the way back to the dressing room. Her platform heels did more damage to his sore legs than anything Edge and Christian had done, but Chris was oblivious to the pain. The payoff would be worth it. And then some.

He finally shoved her inside and locked the door, not taking his eyes off of her. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, Jericho?” Stephanie spat, lunging for the door. Chris grabbed her wrists and pushed her back again, grinning.

“You said you wanted respect, Steph,” he said, smiling innocently. “So I’m going to teach you a little lesson about respect.”

You? Teach me about respect?” Stephanie scoffed, tossing her chestnut curls. “I think you are the one who needs to learn that lesson.”

Chris laughed, almost sinisterly. “We’ll have to see about that,” he replied, backing her against the wall.

Stephanie immediately began to struggle again, kicking and trying to free her wrists from Chris’s powerful grasp.

“Hey, princess, we’ll make this a whole lot easier if you stop your fighting,” Chris growled, using his hip to pin her body until it went limp. Stephanie’s eyes widened at his words.

This?” Stephanie gasped, beginning to struggle again. “What are you going to do to me? Rape me?” There was a strange tightness to those words as Stephanie ground them out, causing Chris to raise an eyebrow.

”Now that would hardly be respectful, would it?” he sneered, putting his hand over her mouth quickly as she tried to scream again. “Stop it,” he told her, quite serious, “Or I will gag you. You want that?”

Stephanie shook her head, eyes wide and glassy. Chris slowly removed his hand from her mouth. “You gonna cooperate?” he demanded. He received no response, and took that as Stephanie’s agreement. He set her onto a table, jumping back just in time to avoid a kick aimed directly at his groin. “You little bitch,” he began, grabbing at her.

Squirming from his grasp, Stephanie lunged for the door, but Chris grabbed her around the waist again, getting her in a hammerlock. “We’re gonna have to do this the hard way, aren’t we?” he asked, spinning her around.

“You fucking bastard,” she retorted, still struggling, “You’re going to pay for this!”

“I think you’ll be thanking me by the time we’re done, Steph,” Chris said with a smirk, dragging her back toward the other side of the room.

Stephanie screeched, and Chris flinched, feeling wetness cover his face as Stephanie spat at him. Wiping his eyes with the back of his hand, Chris’s gaze darkened. “That’s it,” he snarled, slapping Stephanie as hard as he could across the face. “Playtime’s over. You want to be treated like the whore you are? You got it.”

“No… please, I,” Stephanie immediately regretted her actions, tears streaking her mascara and dripping from her already-swelling lip.

“Shut the hell up,” Chris growled, reaching over and finding his jock from earlier in the night and shoving it into her mouth. Her eyes widened and she screamed in protest, but the sound was muffled to a mere squeak by the fabric in her mouth.

”Lesson one in respect,” he smirked, running an appreciative hand over Stephanie’s fringe-covered ass, “Do not speak unless spoken to.”

Tears streamed down Stephanie’s face as Chris tugged at her top, yanking it roughly over her head and recapturing her arms before she had a chance to even think of escape again. She vainly tried to wrest her arms away to cover herself, but Chris held fast to them, smile growing broader and more sinister as her struggles increased. “Lesson two,” he told her, leaning up to unsnap the front clasp of her bra, “Always be…” he trailed off as he cupped a breast, causing Stephanie to whimper pitifully and squirm harder. He slid his hand upward, pinching a nipple and twisting it savagely. Stephanie screamed around her gag, head falling back as she sobbed. “As I was saying,” he continued, massaging her now-sore breast, “Always be upfront.”

Chuckling at his pun, Chris lowered his mouth to Stephanie’s abused nipple and gently drew the puckered bud into his mouth. He sucked on it gently and was rewarded by soft whimpers of protest mingled with the sobs coming from Stephanie.

“You like that, don’t you, Steph? Bet ol’ Hunter never treats you like this, does he, Princess?” Chris moved his attention to the other nipple, biting down on the puckered flesh and tugging, drawing another gasp and moan from behind the gag. He continued to alternate his attentions between the nipples, biting and tugging, then soothing and suckling, until Stephanie was squirming and whimpering. Her face was a mask of humiliation and horror, and Chris’s words only added to the feeling.

“What a slut, Steph. What would Daddy think of his little girl now? Is this how you earn respect? No, not yet… let me give you lesson three.” Chris yanked her from her seat on the table, having to support her wobbly legs. “Lesson three is always do what you’re told.” He regarded her with a sinister look as her eyes widened with dread.

“Your panties,” he told her, holding a hand up as she began to shake her head in protest. He grabbed a nipple again, starting to twist it. “If you don’t want to see just how far this can be twisted, I suggest you get those panties off now, and give them to me.” For emphasis, he pulled on the already-twisted nub. Stephanie whimpered and quickly obeyed, handing him the pink silk panties with trembling hands. Chris’s grin widened. She hadn’t tried to run, or fight. This was turning out exactly as he’d hoped.

“There now, was that so hard?” he asked, holding her panties to his nose and breathing deeply as Stephanie stared at him, mortified. He didn’t wait for an answer, but set her back on the table, nudging her legs apart with his knee. “Fourth lesson,” he said, pushing her panties into his jeans pocket, “Always be,” he chuckled, “open for suggestions.” Stephanie’s eyes widened again, and a litany of pleading began behind the gag.

Chris stepped in so she couldn’t close her legs and slipped his fingers up her thigh. He could now make out the muffled, “Please, no… don’t, please,” from behind the gag, but chose to ignore it, instead slipping a finger into Stephanie’s wet curls.

“My, my, my,” Chris clucked as Stephanie groaned. “Look how wet we are. You’re liking this, aren’t you, you little slut? You’re begging me to stop, but your pussy’s telling a different story, isn’t it?” He pushed a finger into her tight tunnel, gritting his teeth to keep from moaning at the deliciousness of hot velvet gripping his finger. He worked the finger in and out for a few moments, until Stephanie was again writhing against him, and then withdrew it, smirking at the nearly inaudible whimper that escaped from Stephanie.

“Don’t worry, babe,” Chris purred, looking down into her watery blue eyes, “It’ll get better still.” He slipped his fingers forward through the sopping cleft until he encountered her clit, hard and pronounced as a tiny pearl. A low whine came from behind the gag, and Stephanie’s eyes narrowed to pleading, watery slits.

Chis tsked and shook his head, blonde waves skirting his shoulders. He swirled his finger around the swollen nubbin, smirking as Stephanie began to buck and grind against the digit. He increased the pressure of his movements, manipulating the bud with relentless vigor, eyes dark and glittering with lust and power as the pleading ceased, replaced with moans of pleasure. “Thought you’d like that,” he growled, rubbing harder still.

Stephanie’s head thrashed from side to side; either trying to deny Chris’s accusation, or riding the waves of ecstasy visibly possessing her body. Suddenly she stiffened, giving an inhuman shriek, which was swallowed by the gag, before she collapsed, body spent and sweaty.

Chris smirked in satisfaction, looking at the youngest McMahon, her bra hanging open around her shoulders, breasts with painfully erect nipples heaving, skirt bunched around her waist, legs sprawled wide, entire body dripping with sweat, hair clinging to her face in damp tendrils. “You’re quite a sight, Steph,” he commented, his fingers still moving. “Too bad I don’t have a camera. Don’t worry, I don’t,” he added, when she sat up, a look of panic crossing her flushed features. She sank back down with a moan, her hips writhing as Chris continued to manipulate her now-ultra-sensitive clit, then delved his fingers back into her still-spasming tunnel.

“No…” Stephanie groaned weakly behind the gag as Chris began to work her body again.

“Oh yes,” Chris replied, pinching the throbbing bud, rolling it between his fingers, causing Stephanie to sob with need. “I think it’s time for another lesson. This is the next to last one, and might be the most important.” He withdrew his fingers from their wet nest, licking each one for Stephanie’s benefit. Her taste was musky and a bit sweet – definitely addictive, if one was prone to those sorts of things. Stephanie whimpered and wiggled, staring at him with wild, needy eyes, yet making no move to escape or remove the gag. It was as though she’d forgotten there was nothing keeping her there except the will of Chris Jericho.

Perhaps that was all that was necessary.

“What’s the matter, Steph? You wanna cum again?” Chris asked, pacing back and forth. Stephanie nodded desperately, her hands slowly stealing around between her parted thighs. One well-placed slap to the hands sent them flying back behind her, and Chris stared at her with cold blue eyes. “No, no, no. That’s lesson number five. Respect, like many other things… must be earned.”

Stephanie stared at him, uncomprehending. Chris laughed, ripping the gag from her mouth. “You scream, you get this back in your mouth,” he told her. Stephanie nodded nervously, swallowing several times as she held his gaze.

“You wanna cum again? Then you have to earn it,” he told her, smirking at the shocked look she gave him. “Don’t look at me like that. You love this, Stephanie. I can see right through that angelic schoolgirl act of yours. If you want to feel these fingers in your pussy again, you’re going to do exactly what I tell you, understand?”

Squirming on the table, Stephanie nodded slowly, eyes filled with a mixture of revulsion and desire, hate and adoration. Her cheeks burned with shame, her eyes affirming the truth in Chris’s words. He ran his fingers through his blonde mane, stepping back from the table, then pointed to the floor in front of him. “Get down.”

Stephanie blinked incredulously. “Do what?” she gasped, voice soft and shaky.

“Oh your knees. Or I tie you up and leave your ass,” Chris snarled, not moving. Stephanie held his gaze for a few moments, unmoving, and Chris thought for a moment his estimation of her was incorrect. However, he found no need to worry as she shortly slipped from the table with a wet sound, moving silently before him and falling to her knees. She stared up at him, eyes glittering with humiliation and something else intangible, awaiting his instructions.

The corners of Chris’s mouth quirked into a smirk as he contemplated his little whore, kneeling before him. I could get used to this, he thought, then quickly admonishing, You’re getting ahead of yourself, Jericho. “You’re gonna suck my cock, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. And if you’re a good little cocksucker, then I’ll make you cum so hard that anything your husband ever does to you from now on will seem like a peck on the cheek.”

Eyes wide, Stephanie nodded, reaching for the waistband of his jeans, deftly unbuttoning the pants and lowering the zipper. Chris kept his eyes on her, fighting the urge to close them and savor the sensations. He didn’t trust her enough. She eased the jeans over his hips, followed by his boxer briefs, gasping as his erection fell free. “Take a good look, Steph,” Chris said, “You’re going to become very familiar with him.”

Stephanie was silent, staring at the member before her, throbbing thick and hard, skin tight and dark pink, head swollen and glistening with pre-cum. Chris felt his balls clench as Stephanie licked her lips, leaning forward and gathering the salty fluid with her tongue without further command.

“That’s it, Steph,” Chris whispered, threading his fingers through her curls, urging her to swallow his cock, which she did, sucking greedily and with an expertise that somewhat caught him off-guard. She attacked her task with relish, eyes closed in rapture, plunging him deep into her throat, and then pulling out to gently lap at his skin, building his anticipation before enveloping him again in the molten furnace of her mouth. Her teeth sometimes gently grazed the shaft as she worked, adding sparks of pleasure to the dizzyingly wonderful experience. It was all Chris could do to limit his vocalizations to gruff praise and urging.

He let Stephanie take him to the brink, then laced his fingers in her hair once more, pulling her away from his cock – albeit with a bit of reluctance – then wrapping his own fist around the shaft, milking it and watching through narrow eyes as spurt after spurt of his fluids sprayed onto Stephanie’s face and hair. She gasped as the first jet hit her in the cheek, but then closed her eyes and opened her mouth, tilting her head back a little in complete acceptance, an almost-smile tugging at the corners of her mouth.

Soon Chris was spent, and he stepped back to admire the view. On her knees, her hair matted with cum, her face almost cherubic beneath the milky wetness of his fluids, which dripped down onto her shoulders and full breasts – Stephanie was any man’s wet dream. She’s mine, Chris thought, eyes traveling downward past her heaving stomach and bunched-up skirt, to where the glistening on the insides of her thighs reminded him of his promise. He walked up to her, pushing between her thighs with his Doc Marten, pressing the toe roughly against her clit. She yelped, grinding down against the leather, humping madly against him. “That’s it, Steph… get yourself off on me… go on… you beautiful slut, you… that’s a girl… my cumslut…” If Stephanie heard him, she was heedless of his words, as her moans became louder and her movements more spasmodic.

With a sob, she arched one last time, slumping to the side and curling into a trembling ball, riding out the last of the waves of her orgasm. Chris watched her intently, reaching into his duffel bag for a towel to clean off the toe of his shoe. As he did so, Stephanie suddenly sat up, eyes fixed intently on him, swollen mouth partly open, as if she wanted to speak.

“What, Steph?” Chris asked casually, tossing the towel back into his bag and adjusting himself, zipping his jeans back up.

“Fuck me, Chris,” she said simply, still on her knees, a drop of cum dangling from her chin.

It was a request that was almost impossible to refuse. Almost. “Sure, Steph, I’ll fuck you,” Chris said slowly, the weight he placed on his words telling her there was a condition, which she listened intently to hear. “But not tonight. I think you’ve gotten all the respect you’ve earned tonight.” He smiled, hardening himself against her hurt look. God, she’s too beautiful for her own damn good, he thought, shaking his head and clucking his tongue.

“You come back here on Monday night, Steph,” he told her, slipping his leather jacket on and pulling his hair into a ponytail, before slipping on a New York Rangers baseball cap. “See how well you learned your lessons. If you show me you remembered them well…” he shrugged and grinned lopsidedly, “You’ll get everything you want – and then some.”

He opened the door to leave, but couldn’t resist looking back at her one last time, kneeling in the middle of the room, covered in sweat and cum, staring at him forlornly. “That’s your final lesson, and remember it well, Steph.”

“You get exactly as much as you give.”

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